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How to Find and Choose the Right Addiction Therapist

During Motivational Interviewing, your counselor will help you resolve this inner ambivalence and begin taking steps toward growth, healing and freedom. Due to limited budgets and a lack of resources, many free rehab centers are forced to use outdated equipment and facilities. Free rehab centers may not utilize the latest technology in addiction science but, instead, use older, tried-and-true methods that may not be as effective as the newest therapies available at more up-to-date private facilities. Frequent use of drugs and/or alcohol can result in physical dependence. When an individual stops using drugs and/or alcohol abruptly, they often experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Our inpatient detoxification program ensures safe withdrawal while beginning the recovery process.

alcohol counseling near me

There are many nonprofit organizations that either operate treatment centers or provide funding to centers that offer free alcohol and drug rehab programs for those in need of help. These nonprofit organizations also provide support to people living with drug and alcohol addiction, raise awareness and advocate for supportive legislation. Faithful Counseling provides mental health and addiction counseling using Christian principles discussed in the Bible. The company aims to increase psychological and spiritual wholeness by pairing prospective patients with a network of professional counselors who are also practicing Christians.

How much does alcohol rehab cost?

The platform has over 1,000 mental health specialists available to assist patients with addiction. Treatment is available for all types of addictions via video calls, phone calls, and secure messaging. All prospective patients undergo an initial screening to help identify the challenges they face and determine a plan of action to treat these issues. The State Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors was established to ensure high professional standards among alcohol and drug counselors which promotes quality treatment and rehabilitation services of substance abusers.

Who can help me with my drinking problem?

Useful contacts for alcohol problems

Drinkline is the national alcohol helpline. If you're worried about your own or someone else's drinking, you can call this free helpline in complete confidence. Call 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am to 8pm, weekends 11am to 4pm). Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a free self-help group.

For more information about treatment options, see NIAAA’s Treatment for Alcohol Problems booklet. Regardless of where or how you seek treatment, it’s important to look for approaches that are “evidence-based.” This means the treatments are backed by large, well-designed studies. If your therapist shies away from this sort of dialogue, they will not be helpful to you.

Available Therapists

Many outpatient options allow people to maintain their regular routines and their privacy, too, if desired. If you’re lucky, you may get all these steps right on the first try, but many people do not. If you think you found someone, but they end up not being the right match for you, do not give up hope.

alcohol counseling near me

Find us online by searching for us with the keyphrase – behavior counseling near me. Hazelden Betty Ford’s events bring people together in healing and hope. It’s designed expressly for you—with books, mobile apps, gifts and more. Follow your interests and discover new insights via our vast collection of recovery-related blogs. Listen in on conversations about addiction and recovery trends, research, advances and challenges.

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Figuring out your insurance coverage and benefits for substance abuse treatment can be challenging. Our experienced staff is skilled at working with all types of insurance plans and companies and can guide you in accessing the maximum benefits available. Hazelden was established in 1949, with a forward-thinking approach to the problem of alcoholism—an approach built on emerging Twelve Step principles and practices, lay counseling and abiding compassion for the individual receiving care. The Betty Ford Center was established in 1982, with Betty Ford—”the First Lady of Recovery”—bringing unprecedented visibility to the problem of drug addiction and the promise of treatment and recovery. Another option is to consider participation in a clinical trial study.

  • There are many government-funded rehab programs that are available to individuals free of charge.
  • One bad review can affect someone’s listing significantly, so look carefully at all the reviews to be fair.
  • As part of the Rethink My Healthcare Network, individuals, couples, and families can receive professional assistance from this platform’s more than 1,000 counselors.
  • National Library of Medicine, contains a comprehensive list of privately- and publicly-funded clinical studies conducted around the world.
  • Rehab facilities are located throughout the U.S., and many offer specialized treatment that can cater to individual needs.

Addiction treatment is probably a whole new world to you, but rehab and recovery are what we’re all about. People are becoming increasingly interested in classic psychedelics as potential interventions to treat a range of mental health conditions. Psilocybin is a classic psychedelic that is showing promising results in…

Inpatient Counseling vs. Outpatient Counseling for Alcohol

As part of the Rethink My Healthcare Network, individuals, couples, and families can receive professional assistance from this platform’s more than 1,000 counselors. A mobile-first counseling platform, MD Live, provides prospective patients with a team of board-certified professionals who are trained to handle numerous addiction issues as well as other medical challenges. sober house If going to an addiction treatment program in person is impractical or impossible for you, consider our virtual care options. A phone-based assessment will help to identify the type and level of treatment that would be the most-effective starting place for you. American Addiction Centers offers a variety of options to help you cover the cost of addiction treatment.

  • Probably the most comprehensive place to start would be to meet with an addiction psychologist for a complete evaluation.
  • Furthermore, the professions of psychotherapist, social worker, and counselor all have different specialties, and their focus and breadth of treatment can vary considerably.
  • Patients can keep the same counselor throughout the treatment process, or switch therapists if they prefer.

Counseling services are provided via a HIPAA-compliant mobile application available through the App Store and Google Play. The platform uses an algorithm to match prospective patients with a licensed therapist who can best meet their needs. Services are provided via a monthly subscription, which includes unlimited messaging, guide meditations, and mood journaling. The mobile application also sends free daily notifications to encourage patients to improve their emotional health. The “my story” feature allows users to track their daily mood, offering the ability for long-term reflection.

How Heroin Addiction Effects Your Body & How Counseling Can Help

Sobriety and recovery are related terms but have slightly different meanings. Sobriety describes remaining abstinent from a substance, whereas recovery describes a journey of healing and change, often used in the context of a substance use disorder such as alcohol use disorder. Many folks who are sober also identify as “in recovery”, and many people do not. At Monument, we encourage you to use whatever labels and terms are most empowering for you, and leave the rest behind. We connect you to highly qualified healthcare professionals and community support, entirely online. We’ve created a judgement-free, secure and confidential place for you to make progress on your own terms.

alcohol counseling near me

With help, support and a willingness to self-explore and affect change, you can live a meaningful, vibrant life free from the hold of drugs and alcohol. A psychologist is a professionally trained mental health professional who helps patients navigate challenging life situations or mental health issues. To become a psychologist you must earn a doctoral degree; qualifying degrees include a Ph.D., Psy.D. To actively practice, a psychologist must be licensed in their state and maintain good standing. Online addiction counseling gives you support and treatment when you need it most. We featured services that allow patients to schedule sessions in advance and also offered unlimited messaging for communication with your therapist during particularly challenging moments.

You’ll also want to evaluate the trade-off of choosing a closer facility instead of a better facility. You can start by using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) locator to find treatment in your area and follow that up with additional research. We also recommend seeking out an AAC facility since they offer a 90-day promise, personalized treatment based on medical testing, and an alumni support network. Addiction requires personalized treatment, and having the right counselor is important for effective therapy. We focused on services that have multiple counselors to choose from and allow patients to select their own therapist. The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies sets the standard in quality and convenience by offering master’s degree programs that prepare you for a career as an addiction and mental health counselor.

We also know that recovery is a journey with many paths to healing and that it’s possible for you to discover yours. If you have insurance coverage or other means to cover the costs, you can build your own care team. The Navigator can help you find therapists and doctors with addiction specialties to team with your primary care provider.

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