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Satellite Yacht Internet

Viasat High Speed Satellite
Yacht Internet Systems

Have you ever wished you could stream Netflix or download a work PDF while you’re 20 nautical miles from land?

Getting internet on your yacht may appear to be a major hassle, but modern technology has made it much easier. You may now choose from a variety of internet alternatives for your boat, including broadband global area network (BGAN) systems, cellular hotspots, or using a Wi-Fi extender to connect to a land-based public Wi-Fi signal.

Our Viasat High Speed Satellite Yacht Internet System is the best option, with our tested maximum speed of 174Mbps, at Lauderdale Marine Center.

  • Seamless coverage thru all of North America, Central America, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Med.
  • Hardware is KA Band equipment built on the Cobham platform (Sailor 600 and 900 units)
  • Our tested maximum speed was 174Mbps, at Lauderdale Marine Center
  • Unlimited GB plans, starting at $999 per month.
  • System has built in 4G/5G back up, at no extra cost.
Internet Services That Suit You

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High Speed Yacht
Satellite Internet

Marine Internet is the only company that can deliver an unparalleled maritime connection. While cruising, our robust, high-capacity satellite network provides more speed, data, and performance. You’ll have a better internet experience than you would on land, with the ability to connect, stream, browse, and watch TV, movies, sports, and news channels.
No Speed Limits
You can enjoy typical speeds of 25Mbps - 50Mbps and you may enjoy peak speeds of up to 100Mbps in some cases!
No Data Caps
Faster maritime internet with unrivalled bandwidth delivering the best service, whether you have 5 guests or 30 crew on board.
Fixed monthly prices
Remove uncertainty with a fixed monthly airtime cost. With flexible plans to choose from, selecting the right package is simple.
And it gets better...
The launch of the Global Viasat 3 constellation in 2022 will make things even better. Each of the three Viasat 3 satellites will boost the constellation's capacity by 1000 Gigabits per second.
Fast and Reliable Internet
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Number of
Yachts Serviced
Number of SIMs
MB Download
Countries Operating
in Worldwide
Fast wireless broadband
We’re confident that our unlimited European data plan is the best available on the market.
5/4G Routers and Data SIMs
5/4G technology helps you stay connected to the internet without the need of a fixed landline.
High Speed Mobile Yacht Internet
The best in high speed mobile yacht internet, learn more about what we have available get a data quote today.
High-performing internet you expect on land

We are revolutionising the maritime internet game by providing unrivalled bandwidth, allowing visitors and crew to stream, browse, and watch movies in the same way they would at home or at work.

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    Yacht Data FAQ’s

    Benefit from a 4/5G connection with our internet services when travelling along the Mediterranean coast. The following is a list of FAQs…

    Viasat’s usual download rates for yachts are 25Mbps to 50Mbps, with a maximum download speed of 174Mbps in our testing.

    On the Sailor 900 KA band antennas system, Viasat boat systems can manage over 40 simultaneous users.

    The majority of north and central America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean are currently covered by Viasat boat satellite service.

    The 4/5g modem allows Viasat technicians to remotely access your system for diagnostics, adjustments, and software updates in addition to backing up your high-speed internet connection.