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Yacht Data Services

Yacht Data Services

Bespoke Data Plans

This is how data plans should be, don’t settle for anything less! Marine Internet has a wide range of plans that can be tailored to suite your own specific needs. How does your current data plan compare? We’re confident that our unlimited European data plan is the best available on the market. To learn more about what we have available get a data quote today.

  • No long contracts
  • Roaming options
  • Fast and reliable network
  • Multi sim packages
Internet Services That Suit You

Do you need something that other Data Suppliers cannot provide? Click the button below and one of our advisors will tailor a plan just for you or call us direct.

High Speed
Maritime Internet

The marine industry is growing in demand for fast internet connections, and both internal systems and employees have high expectations for performance and availability. We provide internet at sea for crew and vessels of cargo and cruise ships, superyachts, and near shore projects with our 4G LTE maritime internet service.
No Long Contracts
With our new data plans 24 month contracts are a thing of the past. However the longer you lock in for the cheaper the deal.
Roaming Options
If you are only roaming for a certain amount of time or are going to be in a home port for eight months a year then only pay for that. All our plans can be changed with one month notice.
Fast & Reliable
We work directly with major all major networks across Europe providing the fastest speeds possible for your equipment. Please contact us to see what our latest speed estimates are.
Multi Sim Packages
We offer all of our packages over several sim cards at next to no extra cost please ask and we will make the best use of the equipment you have on board.
Fast and Reliable Internet
Get your bespoke data sim today!
Number of
Yachts Serviced
Number of SIMs
MB Download
Countries Operating
in Worldwide
Fast wireless broadband
We’re confident that our unlimited European data plan is the best available on the market.
5/4G Routers and Data SIMs
4/5G technology helps you stay connected to the internet without the need of a fixed landline.
High Speed Mobile Yacht Internet
The best in high speed mobile yacht internet, learn more about what we have available get a data quote today.
High-performing internet you expect on land

We are revolutionising the maritime internet game by providing unrivalled bandwidth, allowing visitors and crew to stream, browse, and watch movies in the same way they would at home or at work.

Get Your Bespoke Sim

Speak to one of our advisors to get a free quote on your new yacht data plan.

    Yacht Data FAQ’s

    Benefit from a 5/4G connection with our internet services when travelling along the Mediterranean coast. The following is a list of FAQs…

    For Yachts in North America, sections of Central America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean, Marine Internet has High Speed Mobile Internet 4/5G connectivity.

    Marine Internet offers yachts throughout the United States, Bahamas, areas of the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean unlimited gigabytes of unrestricted high-speed mobile internet.

    Marine Internet has active sim cards in stock, which may be picked up at our Palma office, in Mallorca or South of France headquarters. Cards ordered on the website will be shipped overnight anywhere in the world via FedEx.

    A 4/5g modem/router designed by Pepwave is used by the majority of our Marine Internet yachting customers. Pepwave units are replaced every 6 months, guaranteeing that the most recent Pepwave units have the finest specs and performance capabilities. For greater download speeds, we recommend replacing your Pepwave if it is older than 18 months. We strongly urge that the vessel has two high-quality external 4/5G antennae for each sim card in addition to Pepwave equipment.